The BIRAGHI Pompe 1906 was born in 1906 as Luigi Biraghi & Figli.

Many years have passed since that date, we have gone through 2 wars worldwide, we went through the 50s, the economic boom of the 60s, from a black and white world to a color world, many governments have been born, we have witnessed the formation of the european parliament and the establishment of the single currency. We have gone from small circulators for boilers to API 610 compliant process pumps. 
Our company has kept to work, grow and acquire know-how to get important areas of market thanks to its versatility, which combined with competence and dedication of its professionals, makes Biraghi Pompe 1906 a dynamic company in Europe in the sector of production and installation of Centrifugal electric pumps for various types of applications civil and industrial.


Today Biraghi Pompe 1906 boasts a close-knit team of skilled workers, designers and salesmen able to respond to any need starting from a completely tailor-made design for the customer. All processes are carried out in the company and it is possible to request commissioning and start-up in the plant.